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Are you a real winner? 🏅

Are you a real winner? 🏅

Ingeborg & Robert / 24 Aug 2016

The Olympic Games in Rio are finished. Great, wasn’t it? Did you enjoy the achievements of these fine sportsmen and –women? We certainly did! Did you also feel proud and satisfied with the gold medalist of your home country? Did you feel the tension and disappointment of the one losing? It triggered us to make this video for you. Fighting, being competitive, winning and losing are...

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How open are you? (The JoHari Window)

How open are you? (The JoHari Window)

Ingeborg & Robert / 05 Jul 2016

Openness with and for the person you share your life with is a great gift. Make sure you do not take that for granted. It is and it stays a constant adventure for the two of you. Let’s look at it with ‘The JoHari Window’. It is a great tool to understand your communication better and to further facilitate your openness and trust. The JoHari...

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You have an exciting and challenging work life, you are a leader in your business. Work has a high priority in your life, it influences all aspects of it.

Maybe the same is true for your partner. Both of you are professionals with work in the centre of your lives. Maybe your spouse’s main contribution is to run the home and to take on the huge responsibility to be the number one in raising the children.

We know from our own experience and the experience of the thousands of people we have worked with worldwide how beautiful and at the same time difficult it is to be in the position of a leader. In our own relationships we have been through both beautiful and tough times.

With CouplePower we, Ingeborg and Robert offer you taylor-made keynotes, workshops, retreats, individual intensives. These programs will help you to find your own optimal balance between boardroom and bedroom. In a safe and inviting way we will provide you with proven knowledge and concrete tools to keep your relationship alive and kicking and take you to the next level of togetherness, happiness, comfort and wonderful intimacy that both of you deserve.

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VitaMinder-Mockup-161x300VitaMinders are short and powerful videos which inspire you every time.

Be a Power Couple with Ingeborg Weser & Robert Benninga

We offer our Power Couple sessions via:

  • CouplePower ‘Enjoy’, ‘Connect’ & ‘Repair’
  • Keynotes during Conventions and Events
  • 2.5 hour 100% tailor-made Master Classes
  • Power Couple 1 & 2 day Group Retreats
  • Individual Intensives
  • Skype CouplePower Coaching
  • Video Programs (coming soon)
  • Audio Programs (coming soon)

Mission Statement

We believe that every couple has the great potential to be, to stay or to become a Power Couple! We also think that during the course of a long term relationship it is absolutely crucial to keep on engaging in life-long learning and personal development. Why is this so important? Because it is a proven fact that Power Couples, partners in a top relationship, find themselves to be happier, healthier, more energetic, more effective, more creative and much more succesfull in just about all areas of their lives.

With our matured and seasoned life experiences we love to share with you our extensive knowledge and elaborate expertise so that you can develop, revitalize or strengthen being a Power Couple. We ourselves focus daily on this great life journey and totally enjoy it! – Ingeborg Weser & Robert Benninga


  • Strong emotional bond: In the relationship you feel that you are wanted, loved and safe. You feel connected with your spouse and at the same time you feel free to be yourself: Freedom in Connectivity!
  • Firm commitment: The feeling ‘we belong together’ is strong and shapes your daily life. The relationship has your top priority. Respect for, counting on and trusting each other feels obvious and totally safe.
  • Vibrant intimacy: You feel attracted erotically to each other. You touch each other on a daily basis in a warm and friendly manner.

  • Life-long learning: You both are very aware that you as a person and you as a couple are in constant development. You act on this belief and give time, space, energy and attention to your personal development and to the wellbeing of your relationship. Happiness actually comes with the feeling of progress, moving forward, enriching yourself and each other. That also means that you both set high standards for the quality of your relationship and your life. You are very dedicated to fulfill your potential as a couple.

  • Having a great time: Together you are focusing on enjoying your life. You strengthen your bond by giving each other positive attention. You take time for each other. You both look for attractive activities to do together.

  • Effective repair in times of troubles or emotional distance: You are both masters of conflic resolution. You know how to find each other again after moments of misunderstanding, disagreement or distance.

  • Clear communication and open emotional expression: You are able to communicate your thoughts, feelings and needs in a clear and understandable way. You listen actively and empathetically to each other. You can show your soft feelings such as sadness or love. You both know how to show your vulnerability.

  • Solid teamwork: You experience each other as equal and validate each other’s contribution to the relationship. You are truely a team: at home and at work. You both do your fair share. Your spouse is a higly valued, important and trusted advisor. You always take crucial decisions together.

  • Respect for individuality and differences: You enjoy being together and at the same time very much value the fact that you are two individuals with your own background, different needs and wishes. You compliment and need each other and at the same time you stand very solidly on your own feet. You can fully enjoy the differences of character and also the differences that come with your gender. You respect these differences and benefit both from them optimally.

  • Priority for ambitions and life dreams: You both back each others ambitions and dreams totally. You look for opportunities to make them happen with and for each other.

  • Significant success and contribution to the world: Together you generate a positive power that transcends your individual strength. You become even more successful and make the world a better and more loving place.

  • Solid parenthood: As parents you know that a good and solid relationship is the most important cornerstone of good parenthood. Especially in parenting you are again a solid team as a Power Couple.

So…you are very likely to also have this Power Couple in you! It gives you this superb feeling of love and passion, a tremendous amount of energy and the strength to transcend to an even higher level of life fullfilment alone and together! Most relationships actually start with the belief and the experience of being a Power Couple. Many couples focus on staying in touch with it during the up’s and down’s of life. Some of the Power Couple aspects mentioned below nevertheless sometimes get lost or neglected. That’s Life! It is always a good time to unleash that Power Couple in you (again)! The fact that you read this right now might indicate the chance to work on that together.

In our Master Classes, Power Couple Workshops and individual intensives we give you the tools and insights to enjoy being a Power Couple in an inviting, safe and inspiring way. We very much look forward to possibly work together with you.


  • Transform your relationship with your partner to be an invincible team with the right individual priorities.
  • Find and enjoy the balance between togetherness and personal freedom.
  • Learn to understand yourself and your spouse even better.
  • Get to know the differences between men en women and how to benefit from them.
  • Find the optimal balance between professional targets at work and personal satisfaction at home.
  • Become masters in finding ways to reconnect with each other after incidents of misunderstanding, conflict, challenges or emotional distance.
  • Learn how to communicate WARM (welcoming, appreciating, repairing, move to more meaning) instead of COLD (criticizing, overpowering, ‘leaving’, defending) in your relationship.
  • Learn how to stay ‘in touch’ and enjoy real intimacy.
  • Strengthen your relationship in order to become even better parents.

Robert Benninga

Robert Benninga has been (co)running 5 multinational companies. He is an expert on personal and professional leadership and human relationships in businesses. In 1991 he founded MindPower International and has addressed more than 300.000 people in 54 countries with his keynotes and workshops. With CouplePower he specializes with Ingeborg on empowering personal relationships and with TeamPower he helps to fulfill the huge potential of the right combination of male and female qualities in teams.

More info: www.mindpower.nl/who-is-robert-benninga

Ingeborg Weser

Ingeborg Weser has – for over 30 years of her career as a psychologist – seen the tremendous positive impact of solid relationships at home on personal and professional wellbeing and success. With Robert she gives keynotes, workshops and individual couple retreats. Together they also make video & audio programs for companies and couples on Couple and Team Dynamics. She is a seasoned psychotherapist for individuals and couples and has published books about pregnancy and parenting.


Benefit from Robert’s and Ingeborg’s solid and proven trackrecord and wide experience.
All CouplePower sessions will be fully ‘tailormade’ to the event at hand, ranging from impactful and dynamic 30-75 minutes Keynotes to one or two day workshops. Time efficient and totally individualized retreats are also a specialty often requested.

For more information, contact Robert Benninga: robert@couplepower.nl or Phone.: +31611340089