‘Discover how you can achieve wordclass with a daily boost for your mind.’

What are VitaMinders?

VitaMinders are short videos which we invite you to watch as often as you want. A VitaMinder takes 1 to 3 minutes to watch and will give you a nice boost.

With VitaMinders it is possible to make your dreams clearer, besides this you are meeting Robert Benninga who is giving giving a lot of power and wisdom.

What do you learn form VitaMinders?

A VitaMinder is a short video which gives you multiple results:

  • Specific insights and tools for success and significance
  • You will further discover what you really want and can achieve
  • Let your dreams come true with practical instruments
  • You get positive energy and get even more in the mood to go, grow and flow,

Enjoy! Go for it! In gratitude and togetherness, Robert & Ingeborg

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You will find the playlist of all the VitaMinders by clicking on the menu button in the upper left corner of the video.