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“Ingeborg and Robert’s Triple S Method paves the way to keeping the relationship with our partner in outstanding shape. I received a practical set of tools, frameworks and exercises to address and improve our daily couple dynamics.  I have refocused on meeting each other’s deeper needs rather than simply focusing on our behaviors. I highly recommend this Triple S training for Forums and believe it is also very impactful when couples go through it together.” Andrea Fernandez, Business Consultant, Berlin

Solid Relationships >> Solid Lives >> Solid Business

We, Robert Benninga & Ingeborg Weser, believe that every couple has the great potential to be, to stay or to become a real strong and solid couple! We also think that during the course of a long term relationship it is absolutely crucial to keep on engaging in lifelong learning and personal development, especially when the couple is part of a business environment with high standards and high stresses. Why is this so important? It is a proven fact that solid couples find themselves to be happier, healthier, more energetic, more productive, more creative and much more successful in most areas of their lives. This definitely applies for the success and significance of leaders in business and in the private arena.

We love to share with you our extensive knowledge, seasoned life experiences and elaborate expertise so that you can develop, revitalize or strengthen being a powerful and strong couple. We ourselves focus daily on this great life journey and totally enjoy it!

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Let’s work together!

  • With CouplePower we serve couples and families in different networks and organizations with tailor-made keynotes, workshops, retreats and individual intensives. We do this via the four tracks you find on this website.
  • We invite companies and organizations that realize that the professional success and significance of their leaders and managers get hugely impacted by the personal conditions within the family. Taking the solid home base as a prime focus will result in better results for the company.
  • We serve ExPat  families and their companies and organization to prepare for their assignment and ensure a rewarding and successful stay abroad.

    Our clients experience the following overall take-home values

  • Finding an optimal balance between boardroom and bedroom.
  • Getting proven knowledge and concrete tools to keep their relationship strong.
  • Bringing their relationships to the next level of togetherness, happiness, stress free living and wonderful intimacy.
  • Getting better business and personal results through more energy, higher productivity and greater creativity.
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  • Transform your relationship with your partner to be an invincible team with the right individual priorities.
  • Find and enjoy the balance between togetherness and personal freedom.
  • Learn to understand yourself and your spouse even better.
  • Get to know the differences between men en women and how to benefit from them.
  • Find the optimal balance between professional targets at work and personal satisfaction at home.
  • Become masters in finding ways to reconnect with each other after incidents of misunderstanding, conflict, challenges or emotional distance.
  • Learn how to communicate WARM (welcoming, appreciating, repairing, move to more meaning) instead of COLD (criticizing, overpowering, ‘leaving’, defending) in your relationship.
  • Learn how to stay ‘in touch’ and enjoy real intimacy.
  • Strengthen your relationship in order to become even better parents.

The CouplePower Relationship Boost Follow-Up Video & Exercise Program.

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Robert Benninga

Robert Benninga (YPOer since 1990) had his corporate career with five leading multinational companies. Robert is known as an authority on personal and professional leadership and on building human relationships for top results. Working in MindPower sessions with more than 300,000 people in 57 countries inspired Robert to also start-up CouplePower with his partner Ingeborg Weser to empower romantic relationships worldwide. With the Triple S Method they help to fulfill the huge potential we all have at work and at home to really feel Safe, Seen and Supported and perform at our very best.
More info:

Ingeborg Weser

Ingeborg Weser has – for over 30 years of her career as a psychologist – seen the tremendous positive impact of solid relationships at home and at work on personal and professional wellbeing, success and significance. With her partner Robert Benninga she gives keynotes, workshops and individual couple sessions. Together they also make video & audio programs on couple and team dynamics. She is a renowned psychologist, couple therapist, speaker, trainer and author. Ingeborg published books about pregnancy, parenting and the Triple S Method.

Benefit from Robert’s and Ingeborg’s solid and proven trackrecord and wide experience.
All CouplePower sessions will be fully ‘tailormade’ to the event at hand, ranging from impactful and dynamic 30-75 minutes Keynotes to one or two day workshops. Time efficient and totally individualized retreats are also a specialty often requested.

For more information, contact Robert Benninga: or Phone/WA/FaceTime: +31611340089