Standing Strong Together

as an ExPat couple

Individual/Couple Coaching

Quite a Common ExPat Case

    Marc and Michelle are an expat family who actually felt happy to live abroad. It was a unique opportunity for them and their children to learn and grow. They were of course aware that life as an expat couple would have its stresses. And that became reality: Marc is working extra hours, Michelle does everything she possibly can to create a new home for the family. The children have some troubles adjusting to the new situation and need tons of attention. Back home, Michelle’s father gets seriously ill. She wants to be there for him, but she cannot be there right now.

    When people have too much stress for a long time it will show: It shows in their physical health, it shows in their wellbeing, it definitely shows in their relationship and also in their work performance. Marc suffers from a disturbed sleep, he has a short fuse with the children and in his rare free time he works out in order to stay fit. Michelle misses her work she had left in order to join Marc abroad. She misses her family, her friends and… she misses Marc! She finds it increasingly difficult to compromise, being understanding and accepting. She gets irritated, blames Marc for not being at home enough and not really being interested in questions of the household and the children. Her desire to make love has dropped dramatically and when they make love it is not that great.

Great / Not Easy to be an ExPat Couple

    Are you a couple living in a foreign country because of a work assignment? Or are you preparing to live abroad? That is great! It is a unique opportunity to experience yourself in a different culture with a different language, different rules, norms, values, a different countryside and different climate and foremost with new colleagues and people who may become dear friends. A wonderful chance to grow as a person, couple and family.

Personal Coaching may help…

    • You want to work on restoring love and affection
    • Communication between you and your partner is difficult
    • You miss intimacy
    • You feel unsatisfied about your role in the family
    • Your relationship is burdened by problems with your children /parents etc.
    • Differences in parenting are causing stress
    • You suffer from too much conflict, fights and anger in your relationship
    • There are stress factors in your life you both are not able to manage properly
    • Cheating and secrets are haunting your relationship
    • Work and private life are not balanced
    • There is little attention for each other
    • You experience emotional distance towards your partner
    • There seems not to be enough space for your personal life dreams, wants and needs

What can we do together?

    First we find out about the most important questions and challenges you experience in yourself and/or your relationship, followed by a 100% tailor-made action plan. Depending on your needs we will do couple or individual sessions. Together we will create a safe environment, where nobody is a scapegoat, everyone’s voice is heard so that trust and understanding for each other will grow and prevail. 

Where and how does the personal coaching take place?

    You have the following options:

  • Coaching via Skype or FaceTime, focused time, easy to manage. Session normally are 90 to 120 minutes.
  • Coaching at a location of your choice: at home or another location where privacy is guaranteed.
  • Coaching Intensive: an Intensive mostly varies between 2 to 4 days. 2 sessions of 90 minutes each day work optimally. This may also include a weekend.
  • Business Coaching: focusing on professional questions. Via Skype or FaceTime with Robert.
  • ‘A fireplace chat’ with Ingeborg & Robert: we will informally meet at a location of your choice: You (both) can tell us your questions and we will give you our sincere and open feedback and share our knowledge and expertise with you.


  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • The confidentiality of the sessions is 100 % guaranteed.
    We provide information about our fees on request.

Ingeborg Weser

Restoring the emotional bond and love between people is what motivates me since more than 30 years of my professional career. As a psychologist and relationship coach for couples, especially for couples with great responsibilities at work and at home, I use my extensive experience and expertise to get to know you as a person, your needs and dreams and to help them come true. I am very interested in what motivates you both when it comes to your relationship with your partner/spouse and how to make success and significance in your life happen. Together we work on understanding each other much better, on improving your communication, strengthening your love and connection and revitalizing your intimacy.

Robert Benninga

After my 5 corporate international jobs since 1975, I founded MindPower in 1992 and since then I focus as an executive coach on the crucial importance of human relationships for the success of the business and the family at home. During my life journey I came to understand better and better that success in business always starts with the way you and me treat and manage ourselves plus the most important relationships in our lives. Working together with my spouse Ingeborg Weser gives an impactful boost to the private and professional lives of the people we are grateful to serve. I am also available for coaching sessions on business issues.

ExPat Business Events (Keynotes/Workshops)

While caring for your ExPats, do you also say…

    • We believe that every ExPat couple deserves to be prepared for the challenges and stresses of their life abroad in order to make their stay to be a professionally rewarding experience and a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person, a couple and a family.
    • We believe and observe that companies often underestimate what ExPat couples go through personally in order to manage the challenges at home and at work.
    • We believe that companies have a substantial impact on the professional and personal performance of the ExPat (couple) by helping to reduce the stress both partners experience at home and at work. Managing emotional stress professionally but also within the family is a key factor for work performance.

    Yes, there is a lot of support for ExPat to help with practicalities, and that is great. However, it shows every time that attention for the private relationship and emotional wellbeing of the ExPat couple is very much needed as well. And the positive reward will be shown in all areas of life, and most definitely in the creative and productive contribution at work.

So, if you can identify with this…
then let’s work together.

    • Keynotes & Master Classes (30 to 120 minutes)
    • Workshops / Retreats (2 ½ hours to 2 days)
      Please note that all Keynotes, Master Classes, Workshops and Retreats are of course 100% tailor-made after detailed briefing to serve your specific needs. They are always conducted in an uplifting, safe, interactive and experiential environment in order to make it effective, productive and enjoyable. We perform our activities in English, German and/or Dutch. The participants may be ExPat couples, but individuals will absolutely benefit as well

Some of the favourite topics are:

    • Be prepared: Starting a career as an ExPat couple.
    • What you should know to be invincible as an ExPat couple.
    • Couple secrets to handle stress in a relaxed way.
    • How to understand each other and communicate much better.
    • How to find a solid life-work balance.
    • How to make healthy and solid happiness happen now and in the future.
    • Strong couples make strong parents.
    • How healthy relationships produce healthy results.