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Robert Benninga & Ingeborg Wesen (YPO Gold Amsterdam)

A warm invitation to our fellow YPO’ers

You have an exciting and challenging life, you are a leader in your business. Work has a high priority and often dominates your family life. Whether your spouse/partner is also a professional or the CEO of running the home and family, you both have a huge responsibility and face the risk to underestimate the price of success on your relationship.

Being a YPO-er since 1990 we know from our own experience and the experience of the thousands of people we have worked with worldwide how exciting and at the same time difficult it is to be in the position of a leader. In our own relationships we have gone through both beautiful and tough times and went through ‚the school of hard knocks’. Everybody needs support, love, a place to let your hair down. And we also need a partner to share our abundance and excitement with.

    How would it be if your love life with your spouse/partner would get a boost? And how would it be if you could manage ‘boardroom’, ‘bedroom’ and your family life (even more) harmoniously by keeping your relationship at home strong, alive and passionate? We love to invite you to learn and experience new insights and tools leading to:

  • Better communication
  • Less stress at home
  • More harmony & intimacy
  • A sincere feeling of support
  • Greater happiness
  • Solid Business

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    Let’s work together!

    • (Spouse) Forum Retreats
    • Chapter Workshops
    • Chapter Keynotes
    • Individual Sessions

    Signature sessions:

    • How to keep your relationship strong and lively
    • The art of graceful family communications
    • Common relationships pitfalls and how to fall in love again
    • The men’s guide to women
    • How to truly say sorry: The power of forgiveness

    Other themes:

    • Solid Relationships à Solid parenthood
    • Managing stress and setbacks by staying strong together
    • Gratefulness & abundant living
    • Intimacy in a long term relationship
    • Empty Nest Implications

    Each program will be worked out in detail to make it fully tailor-made. The general ‘touch & feel’ of your YPO sessions is very interactive, uplifting, warm, safe and supportive. All in the well-known spirit of confidentiality and trust.

    Next to couples, individuals are very welcome to participate in all our activities.

Infosheet ‘How to keep your relationship strong and lively Proven tools for success at home and at work’Infosheet ‘The Art of Graceful Family Communication’Infosheet ‘Common relationship pitfalls and how to fall in love again’Infosheet ‘The Men’s Guide to Women’Infosheet ‘How to truly say ‘sorry’’

Robert Benninga

Robert Benninga (YPOer since 1990) had his corporate career with five leading multinational companies. Robert is known as an authority on personal and professional leadership and on building human relationships for top results. Working in MindPower sessions with more than 300,000 people in 57 countries inspired Robert to also start-up CouplePower with his partner Ingeborg Weser to empower romantic relationships worldwide. With the Triple S Method they help to fulfill the huge potential we all have at work and at home to really feel Safe, Seen and Supported and perform at our very best.

More info: www.mindpower.nl/who-is-robert-benninga

Ingeborg Weser

Ingeborg Weser has – for over 30 years of her career as a psychologist – seen the tremendous positive impact of solid relationships at home and at work on personal and professional wellbeing, success and significance. With her partner Robert Benninga she gives keynotes, workshops and individual couple sessions. Together they also make video & audio programs on couple and team dynamics. She is a renowned psychologist, couple therapist, speaker, trainer and author. Ingeborg published books about pregnancy, parenting and the Triple S Method.